About Us

Blue N’ Gold or the Royal College Union Merchandise Shop is managed by the Royal College Union Merchandise Advisory and Management Committee which holds the exclusive authority to sell merchandise with the Royal College and Royal College Union Crest 

We specialize in Royal College merchandise, with products to meet the needs of stakeholders ranging from kindergarten students to the elite circle of Old Boys. Over the years, Royalists young and old have proudly attired themselves with our merchandise.

Commenced as a humble little outlet within the college premises few years ago, the main purpose of the shop then was to provide students with pick and go type merchandise like college ties. Scanning through the timeline we are now proud to have become a retail facility that even a high end retail chain would be proud to offer.  

Student uniforms, school accessories, sports goods, souvenirs and merchandise for old boys are the broad categories of our collection. We at Blue N' Gold are serious about the quality and precision of our products. As an advisory committee of the RCU, we take it our responsibility to make sure the 'Right' Royal representation is made to the outside world. 

The Blue N Gold website was initiated to service the elite panel of old boys residing overseas and to offer greater convenience to the stakeholders residing in Sri Lanka. Now with the Blue N' Gold website, our products could be purchased online to be delivered to your doorstep. 

Since we are a RCU supported body, any surplus we generate is to support College. We also sponsor varied events and projects in School. Every cent you spend at our shop will therefore be for the betterment of our great Institution. 

"They have repaid the debt they owed - They kept thy fame inviolate"